Our Partners

Our Partners


1) SEEW Nepal and Safecity India are jointly working on documenting sexual harassment and abuse in public spaces in Kathmandu.SAFECITY is an information aggregation platform to help identify hotspots in a city where abuse has been reported. This platform only provides information based on voluntary unverified reports.Safecity strongly believes that all women have the right to live safely, irrespective of which city they stay in. It also believes that a woman should be able to move around without fear or distress; without having to calculate which road she has to travel on so that she will be safe; without having to worry about the clothes she wears or the people she is with.SAFECITY is a project that helps to identify locations where women have experienced or witnessed any type of sexual harassment – verbal comments, graphic behavior, menace… anything. By starting this project we wish to highlight a serious social issue and we believe we are taking a step towards changing the way our society thinks and reacts. In time we hope it will lead to a safe and non-violent environment for all.We propose that we PIN THE CREEPS! We all share our little experiences; upload our stories of harassment and abuse, the photographs or the videos and most importantly the location where it happened.

2) SEARCH Nepal, a value based Action Learning Nepali non-governmental organization (NGDO) is an autonomous, non-profit, secular and non-political development organization. It is registered with the Chief District Officer (CDO) and the Social Welfare Council (SWC) of HMG/N in Kathmandu. Its Action Research and Community Development Sites are located in remote hill districts.SN pursues and advocates empowerment and human rights based approach(HRBA) to development while working for self-reliant development. A realistic mix of service delivery towards critical minimum basic needs is also pursued through self-help development. It’s mission and Goal complements national development. It attempts to usher just, equitable, inclusive and accountable systems of governance in government and non-government sector. It’s specific Mission and Goal are given below.Search is the technical backstopping partner of SEEW

3) Centre for Awareness Promotion (CAP) Nepal is non profit making, non governmental and non political organization established on 2003 to end gender based violence. The organization has been working with women and girls at risk of trafficking and other forms of violence in prevention, protection and prosecution basically focusing on 4 forms of violence i.e. physical exploitation, socio-cultural exploitation, labour exploitation and political oppression.

Objectives of the organization

- To increase access to education and to minimize trafficking, child labor and sexual abuses
- To provide safe home for survivors of trafficking and sexual abuses
- To conduct researches and publish publication to fulfill the goal and objectives of the organization
- To organize awareness program on women and child rights to minimize gender based violence
- To organize income generating and skill based training to uplift the situation of survivors of violence