Social Empowerment By Empowering Women (SEE-W)

SEE-W (Social Empowerment by Empowering women) is a Non Profit organization established to work for women's empowerment:it advocates against  cultural taboos,sexual harrassment in public spaces,sexual violence,domestic violence and cultural violence (All kinds of GBV). It works to provide economic independence and skill enhancement for women and girls. SEE-W believes that no country can expect to move forward, no cooperation, no community if half of the population (women-girls) lag behind.  At SEEW we believe that social norms cannot be changed entirely, however values, government policies and laws can be guided to benefit society wholly .Each individual woman is a contributor to society and a key agnet to transform her family which inturn creates a ripple effect for the betterment of the enitre society. 

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